10 years, 55 000 hours & still making money

One of Striker’s oldest machines in the fleet is still pumping out the tons with many more years of crushing to go. This mobile jaw crusher was built in 2006 for one of Striker’s major mining clients in Western Australia. Processing iron ore in one of the harshest environment in the world, this Striker JM1310  is not even half way through its life span.

‘The jaw has paid for itself 100 times over’ stated the client. ‘Having a machine that performs for 10 years makes my life as a plant manager/ general manager a lot easier’. Buying Built To Last machines clearly proves to be well worth it. Not only paying for itself it has held its value. Striker machines second hand are being on sold from near to new prices showing the machines also hold their value.

JM1310-60000-plus-hours-Australian-mining reduced

Like all Striker machines, they are built to one of the highest standards in the world. With Striker being a family-owned company it allows for care and passion to be infiltrated into the machines. Craig Pedley, Striker’s CEO, stated ‘when I started the business I wanted to bring a product to the market that would last long, not have to be replaced, was built to last, would make customers life easy…’.

Striker has many used machines processing after tens of thousands of hours and as the Striker JM1310 has proven, they still have a lot more hours to go. They do say 40 is the new 20.