Deciding to get into the track crushing game

It was about this time of the year some 21 years ago that we sat down and decided to get into the track crushing game. It was relatively new concept to the Aussie market and as far as we knew no one was building track crushers in Australia.

This first track machine cost us close to $1.1 million to design, fabricate, assemble and test. Then it was time to take it on the road and see what it could do.

We had a certain level of confidence that it would work, but it was a pretty big gamble for us. A small family business, only a couple of years old. Luckily it all worked out! There has been a fair few bumps in the road but also a truck load of fun as well and plenty of stories to tell the grand kiddies.

Fast forward to today and we have now built thousands of machines and shipped them all over the world… and yes we are still a small family business.