Less waste, more resources

As the world develops and economies change, the demand for new or updated urbanisation and infastructure is ever increasing. Adding to the economy these projects offer employment and purchase goods, though some may argue that they deduct from the environment due to the waste they produce. In Australia it has been estimated that the construction of a typical brick home generates up to 9.1 tons of waste generally containing concrete products, clay products, natural aggregate, asphalt, glass, metals etc.

Striker small impact crusher hqr907

Businesses that are profiting and growing are adapting to the challenges of environmental sustainability and responding with innovations that turn this waste into valuable resources to supply the construction industry. Transporting waste off site is an expensive affair; recycling your waste into clean useable aggregate creates an extra profitable revenue stream whilst sustaining the environment.

Striker Mobile Impact Crusher HQR907 3D

The Striker HQR907 impact crusher is able to process the most difficult feed materials, such as construction and demolition waste and asphalt. Designed for smaller operations crushing at approximately 50/130 tonnes per hour. The Striker HQR907 impact crusher is perfect for inner city recycling operations or small to medium size quarry operations. Weighing in at 32 tons to allow for economical transport whilst maintaining the strength all Striker machines are known for.

Another great feature of the HQR907 is the slewing returns conveyor that can be used to conveyor the oversize material back to the crusher or can be slewed at 90 degrees to allow stacking of a further product size that can be used for drainage material or making a specific size aggregate. Be a part of the builders, recyclers and waste managers that are taking a number of measures to reduce activity that is damaging to the environment through construction.
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