The Striker technical team work hard to maintain communication with our customers and our dealers and love to share our knowledge with the owner and operator. We have learnt a fair bit over the years we have been manufacturing, servicing and designing crushing and screening equipment. Paying it forward brings us all happiness in our day. Mate-ship and family are two huge values we hold very highly in our business.


Versatility is the key. No two mines or quarries are the same. Neither are their plans, regulations, lifecycles, ore body distribution, topography, commodity prices or budgets. How then do you develop a market for a standard range of machines that suits such divergent conditions and countries? You don’t. All Striker equipment us custom to the project requirements. We work with you to build the machine you need. C0nact our team to run through your plant settings to make sure it is optimised to produce maximum tons.


Our experience has allowed the team to specialise in the service and repair of not only Striker designed and built machines, but also many other brands of equipment. Striker can also provide the onsite crusher, screen and conveyor inspections and provide shut down services, liner change-outs, regular servicing and long term contract maintenance services.


Our team of factory-trained fitters, welders and mechanics can turn your original investment back into a new machine. Striker will offer a full warranty on all machines it refurbishes in the factory “We recently brought a mobile jaw crusher back into our Henderson factory, this machine had been working on Iron Ore for the past 30,000 hours, the team stripped the machine, replaced worn parts and turned it into a new machine again, the customer was very pleased to be able to get this service performed” – Michael Colvin, General Manager. Striker can also provide onsite refurbishment of equipment.