Striker Helping To Build Chinese Infrastructure

In December 2016 the Chinese government announced plans to expand the country’s high-speed rail network from the current 19,000 kilometres to 30,000 kilometres (18,600 miles) by 2020, part of public infrastructure spending aimed at shoring up economic growth as well the project aimed at reducing pollution, gas emissions and congestion. The network would connect more than 80 percent of China’s major cities, Vice Transport Minister Yang Yudong said.

Striker HQR1112 Striker SQ2053-China-02
Linking the country’s urban centres, reducing pollution and increasing GDP are all things to be proud of. Over the past decade Striker has supplied many sets of mobile crushing and screening plants to various sections of high speed rail construction right across China and has just been awarded several new supply contracts for our track mounted equipment and needless to say it is something we are proud of. Strikers clients in China have found the HQR1112 and HQR1312 to be perfect for the projects and these machines coupled with either a SQ1862 or SQ1863 track screen have proven to be great performers operating in harsh conditions and in many cases on a 24/7 operation.

Speaking with Scott Yuan, Strikers Sales Director in China, and asking him what has been the greatest driver of success, it’s easy to see why the Striker range of machines has been so widely accepted in China. “We took some time to learn what the customers and operators wanted from our crushers, it wasn’t about money or even production, it was all about consistency and ease of operation making sure that their workers can maintain and repair the machines, they didn’t want machines that were over complicated or had too many added extras” said Yuan. It was a no brainer and the standard Striker mobile range has fitted the requirements and ticked all of our customers boxes, Striker pride ourselves on having a strong reliable crusher that does the job day in and day out.

Due to the rapidly growing population of Striker machines now in China, Striker has set up a new dedicated parts and service facility in Nanjing and has a sales head office in Shanghai with dealers now located in provinces across China.