Striker MAX Plant MACA ride for cancer research

As the sun rose, the front of Optus stadium filled with over 1500 lycra jerseys, friends, and family for the opening ceremony of the MACA Cancer200 Charity Ride. The Jersey’s had team names like Tyred and Forked, Team Smiley, Gears and Beers, Lycra What You See and many business names. Others named their team in honour of the loved one they were riding for. Everyone was asked to raise their hands if they knew someone impacted by cancer. Unfortunately, you couldn’t see anyone without their hands raised. It reinforced the riders why they were riding and why they raised the money they did.

Team Smiley shared their story about their family’s devastations with cancer and how their dad was a large part of the ride and had recently passed.  Geoff Baker spoke from the heart about MACA’s involvement from inception, their ‘why’ and how cancer has impacted his life. And the amazing Harry Perkins team spoke and made each and every rider, even more, determined to finish the 200km ahead.

With a gunshot start, the teams left Optus on a 110km journey through the hills to Mandurah. Team MAX Plant reached Mandurah just after lunch ready for an afternoon of celebration and reflection at the Mack Muster Saturday Night Celebrations at camp. With a drink in one hand and a plate of well-deserved hot food in the other, everyone watched footage from the day, listened to heartbreaking stories as well as the positive impact the $8.5 million dollars raised has for cancer research.

Breakfast was served at 6 am on Sunday, fuelling the body, ready to do it all again. Riding home was a beautiful change of scenery along the West Australian coast. As the ride ended, family and friends cheered at the finish line as riders were congratulated with a medal from the Harry Perkins Team. ‘It is a feeling like no other! The sense of accomplishment is amazing. I ride for my Aunty Maus who was diagnosed with a rare form of stage 4 cancer a year ago. The sad thing is, everyone can tell you a story about cancer. I ride to help find a cure, find kinder treatments, better outcomes, and keep families together for as long as possible.’ – Jordan Pedley, Team MAX Plant.

The 8 riders in team MAX Plant were proud to have raised nearly $28,000 for cancer research. The team consisted of Kate Sullivan, Brett Matusevicius, Thomas Kelly, Adam Quaid, David Jackson, Joe Stacey, Ashleigh De Marie and Jordan Pedley. The team hosted dinners, Bunning’s sausage sizzles, raffles and many more charity events to raise money for cancer research. We were proud to support the team along side B&F Consolidated and W.A. Limestone. The team also gained a large number of donations from friends and family.

Directors of MAX Plant supported the team from the opening ceremony throughout the ride and celebrated with the team at the finish line and closing ceremony. ‘From tears streaming down my face in the opening ceremony, to smiles of elation as we watched our team and all the other riders head off on their journey. The weekend is a mixing pot of emotions. What inspired me is the unity of all the riders and volunteers, it truly is an awesome sight to see so many people come together for a united cause. The encouragement that everyone shows each other, and the sense of a combined achievement resonates in the air.’ Nicole Talbot, Director of MAX Plant.

 ‘Time is a precious gift; one we hope to pass on to those living with cancer. I look forward to sharing our next cancer breakthrough.’ Director of the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Peter Leedman.

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