Striker mobile jaw crusher quarry western australia JQ1170

In 2005 a local WA Earthmoving, and Roadbuilding contracting business invested in a Striker HDT1112 impact crusher. In 2006 they purchased a JQ1165 mobile jaw crusher. Throughout the years they have run the machines in various applications for contracts around the Southwest of Australia. After 16 years of running the crushers in all conditions, they ordered another Striker Jaw crusher. Today, the new model JQ1170 Jaw crusher is crushing in a gravel pit whilst the original JQ1165 is still crushing recycled concrete after nearly 18,000 hours on the clock.

Striker JQ1165 Mobile jaw crusher-GRAVEL QUARRY WESTERN AUSTRALIA
Striker JQ1165 Mobile jaw crusher-002
Striker JQ1165 Mobile jaw crusher-QUARRY