The Community

Invest in the communities in which we operate and our products operate.


Respect is a guiding value that works from the top to the bottom and bottom to the top. It includes all facets of our company from internal communications to external customer communications and our interactions with our product.


Maintain a constant commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. 


Stay true to our design principles with every mobile crusher and screen we design and manufacture.


We always aim to minimise environmental impact through by maximising recyclable material in our design process and minimising wastage of all forms in our manufacturing process.


Contribute to sustainable developments not only in our products but also in the way we do business globally.

Our People

The health and safety of our people and the communities in which we operate is the number 1 priority.

Our Customers

Operating a Customer-Centric business to make sure Striker crushers and screens meet the needs of our customers through valuing and enhancing customer feedback to constantly improve.

Research & Development

At Striker we have a commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and evolution.


Reliable, Robust, Built to Last Crushing & Screening Equipment 

Since 1998 we have designed and manufactured heavy duty mobile crushing and screening equipment to pump out thousands of tons for mining, quarry and recycling customers. Striker mobile crushers and screens have proven reliability, strength and durability with over 60000 hours of crushing in the harshest, remote mines and quarries in Australia. We know that Striker crushers and screens will help change your operation and improve your bottom line.

From Inception

From inception Striker focused on the customer and building long term relationships and building machines they wanted. In 1998 the primary focus was to build on the “fixed” plant customer base and deliver plants to the mining and quarry industries. In doing so this saw the expansion of Striker. All heavy duty Striker mobile crushing and screening equipment is based on meeting customer needs. We manufacture a machine that is easy to operate, easy to maintain and easily give you thousands of operation hours.

Striker Malaysia Launch

In March 2008 Striker established a manufacturing base in Malaysia. This company was set up to supply the Australian and Asian markets with mobile crushers and screens. It now supports Striker Australia with the manufacturing and customer support.

Global Expansion

In early 2013 Striker delivered its 1000th machine to the market. We then expanded from a Striker Australasia to a global brand by completing projects in China, Mongolia, Indonesia, PNG, Africa, India, Malaysia, France, England, Oman, UAE, Ghana, USA and Australia. Being a global brand lead us to open the Striker China sales office.

The Striker Dealer Network

Now the Striker dealer network is growing selling Striker mobile crushing and screening equipment globally. With an expanding dealer network we are investing a lot into research and development to constantly improve the Striker range to fit exactly what our quarry, mining and recycling customers need.


“To be a global supplier and manufacturer of the highest quality heavy duty equipment, through innovative and evolutionary design and a determination to add value to both our own company and those we serve.”


“To provide unlimited solutions for the processing of the worlds resources with an awareness of environmental sustainability and an appreciation of the culturally diverse locations in which we operate.”



Minimisation of material wastage and to maximise the use of recyclable materials. These key points compliment the work our procurement team do in sourcing our ethical supply chains for the material used in our products.


Don’t compromise on grades and thickness of steels in the process of manufacture in an effort to achieve a lighter weight machines and plant designs.


Keep the mechanics and electrics of the machines standard and simple and yet ensure they keep up with all the latest technologies.


Integrate hazard identification and risk assessment methods early in the design process, to eliminate or minimise risks of injury throughout the life of a product. 


Build it strong enough to withstand excessive abuse from operators and the material being processed.


Sustainability is at the forefront and our engineering department apply this to all design philosophy and material selection. 


Be flexible enough to build the machine the client wants with the features that best suit the application.