We are passionate about the communities we live, supply to and operate in. We strive to positively impact these communities through contributing and aligning ourselves with charities and not-for-profits that share the same passion as we have.

Children are the future. They have endless possibilities and our passion is in ensuring they are protected and educated in order to have the best chance of achieving them.

Project Karma

We are proud to support Project Karma. When researching local charities in S.E Asia we were taken by Glen Hulley, founder of Project Karma. Being connected with both Australia and South East Asia as a company supporting the future of this world is important to us. The future being the children.

This organisation works tirelessly to combat sexual exploitation of children both in Australia and across South East Asia. Child exploitation is growing globally at 15% annually. These are crazy figures that are hard to comprehend but we must comprehend them. This situation is a prolific global epidemic. Project Karma are on the ground fighting for the protection of children dealing with the most confronting of situations. They are working tirelessly with government and communities to implement strong systems. The implementation of these systems is the beginning steps towards stopping the hemorrhaging of this global problem. Glenn Hulley explained to us ”it is not a quick fix and setting infrastructure and support is key as it is an ongoing ingrained major issues.”

What this organisation faces on a daily basis is stuff that most of us want to hide from. Every donations helps protect and save these vulnerable children. 

Special Aussies

Special Aussies is run by mothers coming together to fund bare basic needs for their children and others in similar situations. It is inspiring to see people coming together to build a community and support network for children and families that are flying under the radar of the big organisations.
1 in 3 Australian families are impacted by disability. If this is you, or someone you know, please get in contact with the Special Aussies to see how the community they have built can support you. If this is not you, remember this not for profit and pass it on to those who need it. Or consider supporting them by volunteering or donating. 100% of donations go directly to equipment & projects that support Australian Children.
Striker’s directors came across the Special Aussie Foundation researching charities one weekend. Further research showed that there is only a minority of people that want to get involved in confronting causes, confirming to them that this is a charity Striker needed to support. Lee from The Special Aussies commented – ‘’Thanks so much, we now have enough funds to purchase a special vest that will help kids with severe CP, cystic fibrosis and other conditions expel mucus when suffering pneumonia, bronchitis and other obstructive airways conditions… this will save lives!!!’’.

Special Children’s Perth Christmas Party

Since 2015 Striker has supported the Special Children’s Perth Christmas Party. The children this party is hosted for are children who are physically or mentally impaired, have life threatening illness (or other illnesses that affect them on a day to day basis) or children who have come from an abusive home. With the event in our home town Perth, Western Australia, Striker has also had the opportunity to volunteer at the event.

‘’We loved every minute of the Perth Special Children’s Christmas Party, it is such a great day seeing all the kids faces light up! It felt so empowering to be able to help by just offering our time. It is such a small thing to us to offer our time that makes such a huge impact on others life’s.’’ Jordan Pedley – Striker Employee.

The organisers and volunteers of this event make a huge impact on the world’s underprivileged future generations.

The Ride to Conquer Cancer

Striker’s relationship with the Ride to Conquer Cancer started in 2012. The ride to conquer cancer supports the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research located in Perth Western Australia, Striker’s home town. The money that is raised from the 200km ride is donated towards research, development and equipment to help fight cancer. Cancer is something on everyone’s mind and seems to impact everyone in one way or another. The collective effort of organisers, participants, donor and volunteers makes this event so special. Supporting this charity is important to us as finding cures for cancer will not only help today though it will help the future generations hopefully not have to be impacted by cancer the way a lot of us have been.