Grant Announcement at Striker and MAX Plant Henderson Facility reduced

Striker Australia and MAX Plant are proud to announce that they have been successfully awarded $3.4 million in funding under Round 2 of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI). The grant forms part of a total $6.8 million project which will see this great Australian business construct a new world class manufacturing facility that will treble their existing global manufacturing footprint and bring their advanced manufacturing processes back to Western Australia.

The facility has been designed to build the Striker track range and MAX Plant modular range of crushing, screening, conveying and mineral processing equipment. Along with manufacturing, the facility will also house spare parts, MAX Plant rental fleet and a specialised technical support and training division.

Within this project Striker will execute a crushing and screening safety and operator training program along with its JV partner Gidja Country. The courses are currently under development, and they will be working with the government on accreditation.

Craig Pedley stated ‘’After starting the business in Western Australia in 1998, I am proud to bring manufacturing back home. This grant has allowed us to fast track a project we budgeted for over the next 7 years. Having the facility in WA will allow the group to increase its production and support our local and international customer base. I am excited to welcome our customers, soon, to our new facility to inspect their machines during the manufacturing process. but I am more excited for our Aussie customers to come to the factory at any stage of their machine build. Without people like the team at MACA, WA Limestone and B & J Catalano’s, we would not have the operator-friendly machine or business we have today.”  

‘’The last 15 years I have worked alongside Craig Pedley and the dedicated team building the Striker and MAX Plant product ranges. We could not be prouder to build our own purpose-built facility to increase production and build machines in our own back yard.’’ Nicole Talbot, Director of Striker and MAX Plant added.

After visiting the current WA factory Senator Linda Reynolds stated, “Striker Australia is an incredible Western Australian business manufacturing world-class crushing and screening equipment for our minerals processing industry, including in the mining, resources and recycling sectors,”.

“I was proud to support Striker’s application for this MMI grant and I could not be more pleased the Morrison Government is funding this innovative project,” Senator Brockman said.

Jordan Pedley, Director of Strategic Initiatives at MAX Plant, stated ‘’I would like to thank the WA Mining Club Mentor program and George Bauk; The team at Deloitte, the local, state and federal government, METS ignited and most importantly the Striker and MAX Plant team, without our people we have no business”.

Crushing and Screening Range