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Striker mobile agglomeration drum

Advising someone what equipment is needed for their product or project is one thing and many companies can go through a catalogue and select a product that’s 90% right for the job, though taking the time to listen and understand what the client needs is another concept that a lot of equipment suppliers find to be very foreign and outside of their allowable operating parameters as a business.

When an Indonesian Copper mining company entered into negotiations with Striker to build a crushing, screening, agglomeration, sampling, conveying and stacking plant in the middle of 2015, it was safe to say that they were not looking for innovation, just something that worked. However during the discussions between Striker and the client it was soon apparent that the project had some unique challenges. The Plant required some innovation with the design, ending in a combined traditional Striker MAX Plant and heap leach plant, along with processes starting from scratch to design and build a new track mounted trommel, portable sampling plant and self-levelling grass hopper and stacking conveyor system.

The initial design and concept started with Striker’s Perth engineers and over time Striker’s Sydney and Malaysian engineers got involved and Striker was able to complete a unique design that was functional, met the budget and more importantly was what the customer wanted and needed. There were many ideas knocked back and many that amazed the team. Having a great understanding of what the customer wanted and needed was huge assistance for the design team. A plant that was designed around the customer’s criteria was the goal the Striker’s engineers achieved.

Manufacturing began and over a period of 4 months Striker supplied the crushing and screen plant, then the stacking circuit and finally the agglomeration, feeder and sampling system. The crushing plant has been on site now for 3-4 months and whilst the site is remote and logistics is a major problem, the team was able to meet the tight delivery schedules set out in the contracts. Following the supply and installation of the crushing plant, the remaining equipment was manufactured and dispatched to site and will be installed and commissioned in the next few weeks.

Striker agglomeration drum
Striker mobile jaw crusher beach

The track mounted Striker agglomeration drum for heap leach ore processing was the first one ever built by Striker that was mounted on tracks, and possibly the first in the world as neither Striker nor the client could find another supplier of this type of equipment.  With the team always thinking outside the square and delivering the customer’s needs and wants it was the perfect machine for the job and the perfect challenge for our innovative team. Now the agglomeration drum is complete Striker is excited to design the next solution for their customers challenge.

Striker doesn’t just sell you products; we deliver solutions that are Built To Last.

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