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| E-TRAC Range

In 2009 we launched the Striker E-TRAC crushing and screening range designed specifically for running off mains power with the options of electric/hydraulic and full electric. The E-TRAC concept helped us secure several key contracts in Australia and Asia and went a long way to help develop the range we have today across MAX Plant and Striker.

It was a great time in our development as we worked with external engineers in electrical design technology that allowed us to come up with a design that allows several primary power sources to run the machines. Innovation plays a huge role in our everyday lives and it’s the inspirations from some of the simple everyday appliances that inspire us to develop new products for the mineral extraction industry.

E-TRAC Screens

E-TRAC Cone Crushers

E-TRAC Impact crushers

E-TRAC Jaw Crushers

The three configurations available meet the requirements of our global clients who share the same pressures to reduce running costs and carbon emissions. Combinations of full-electric, electric/hydraulic or diesel-electric are available.

After a long and comprehensive research and development phase, the first E-TRAC plant was manufactured and installed at a hard rock quarry in China in 2010. Closely followed by installations in Malaysia and Australia. It was the equipment of choice for the 350 tph aggregate and road base plant closer to our home in Western Australia.

Striker crushing and screening net zero etrac Australia

The design concept of the E-TRAC range emulates the pedigree of Strikers track range. One of the prerequisites from all our customers was that they wanted the plant to be able to integrate with existing plant on-site if required, as well as rationalise common parts across all Striker equipment.

Our history of building ‘application-specific’ plants has been carried through to the new E-TRAC range. No matter what the rock type or operating conditions: cold winters in Mongolia; hot and dry in central Australia; or the torrential rains of the highlands PNG, the plants are designed to accommodate extreme working conditions. Some sites endure huge ambient temperate variation from minus 35 degrees to plus 50 degree Celsius.

Striker’s E-TRAC range is suited to all forms of mineral and extractive industry applications and range from 100tph to 450tph aggregate plants through to 1500tph mining plants. Integration and control of equipment are central to throughput optimisation. A key feature of the Striker E-TRAC range and in fact all Striker plant is the ability to ‘plug and play’.

This means several crushing and screening units can join together and they will all communicate with each other to maximise the plant performance. A great feature to improve your production and profits.