Health check your blow bars

| Worn bars tell you a lot about how your crusher is performing.

All impact crushers will make a good crushed product with new bars. But, as the blow bars wear they become less effective so it is important to understand the wear pattern on the bar. Speed, inlet chute, material, moisture, fines all play a part in your wear pattern of the bars. Whilst there is a certain amount of science in determining the speed you need to run the impactor, the wear pattern on your blow bar will tell you a lot about the speed you need to or should be running.

Removing fines as well as limiting water and moisture from the infeed material will all help preserve the blow bars life. Ensuring the feed material enters the chamber evenly is extremely important in getting a good wear pattern and allowing you to maximise the entire effective life of the blow bar.

| 5 variables impacting your blow bar wear


Inlet Chute