Processing ”Waste” into Cash in China

| One circuit wasn’t enough

Initially 1 circuit of the Striker JQ1380 Jaw Crusher, CQ500 Cone Crusher, and SQ2072 Screen was delivered to crush iron ore at a mine located near Beijing. The owner of the mine soon realised the production capacity of the Striker crushers and screen was superior to the other equipment on his site and proceeded to order 3 more sets. The client’s initial scope of supply was for machines to crush and screen iron ore, and the team at Striker worked in conjunction with the client to design and develop a magnetic separation track machine for the iron ore lump. The customer then took the “waste” stone and converted this to concrete aggregate and sand products for the construction industry in China. Being able to work with the customer and use our extensive design knowledge to assist the customer is all part of the unique Striker service provided by the Australian and Malaysian based technical and design team. 

| Striker’s Assessment During Production

The plant was initially set up by the customers on site operation team with the assistance from Striker’s China based service and support team. With production running day and night shift the customer asked if the technical team from Australia could come and review his entire operations and look at any upgrades and tweaks to the crushing circuit to improve production. Making several changes to the crusher settings and screen mesh sizes the team increased the production and reduced the recirculating load on the cones. Doing so increased the life of the liners in the cone and reduced fuel consumption on the complete plant. Striker ran full load sense pumps on the machines and by doing so reduces the engine load to only what is required to run the plant at the settings and loads.

The Striker team monitored production and found that the increased engine power that was supplied with the machines was a huge benefit in this application. With the jaw feeding directly into the cone the power to crush in the cone was increased due to the fines content and the clients need to make a good shape aggregate for concrete. In the initial design phase of the plant set up it was done so in the traditional jaw, screen cone set up. However due to the rock shape and the need to produce a concrete aggregate the layout was changed to jaw, cone then screen. As any cone operators would know, putting excessive fines through a cone is not good, however done correctly and also maintaining a consistent choke feed to the cone can help maintain a better shape aggregate.

Fine tuning a plant is what the tech team are good at. Our team has enormous talent in operating plants for customers around the globe and this hands on approach benefits our new and existing customers today and into the future. The Striker Technical Team love getting in amongst the operation of the machines and helping the client train and safely operate the plant showing the client how to maintain the plant and get the best out of the plant for many many years.

Striker design engineers also customised the forward discharge conveyors on the jaw and cone to give the exact feed and layout requirements the client wanted, it’s not always about taking standard plant and trying to make it work, it’s about listening to the customer and making something that works for them and their situation.

Striker Mobile Crushing and Screening Aggregates.JPG
Striker Crushing and Screening Plant China

Aggregates Mine Striker Crushing and Screening Plant, Beijing China.

| The Customers Opinion

Striker supported the customer through the entire process from initial design and layout meetings all the way through to operation and training to make sure the plant was running at maximum capacity. The operators were taught about Striker machines and the basic principles of crushing and screening. This on site and classroom training for the operators was a huge benefit to the customer. The simplicity of the Striker operation was what finalised the deal for the customer. He wanted simple and strong machines and Striker delivered what he wanted.

”I like that the machines are designed for the operator and they are simple to work on and maintain, not lots of complicated electrics on these machines, they are also bigger and heavier than a lot of the competitors machines.” – Mr Qui, Striker Beijing Customer 

The customer now has new projects on the horizon and with the ever increasing infrastructure projects in and around the Beijing area he has engaged again with Striker and our design team to look at some unique plants for these new projects.